You & Me

someday, it will be said that we were one of the greatest things in the world, untouchable, and free. until then, we do today and tomorrow for the sake of proving to ourselves that these days and this life is worth fighting for. thanks for being my partner in the ring, speaking up from the scary places inside of you, and just being cool - you make the ride so much more exciting.

nib and ink - borden and riley #234


'this is going to take courage', she said. i listened, not believing or, if i did, i did not know how else things could be. 'how could things be different', i said. 'at one point, your habit was the different thing', she said, 'a long time ago; so now all you have to do is make something else new'. my new, new. i like that. equal parts energy and courage - one step, then the next.

digital illustration - samsung s4

This Day

i have mixed feelings about calendar days marking celebrations. ultimately, though, i am often glad for the reminder to stop, remember, and feel. the dates mark a time to think about your life and what you are doing with it. a person or a place or a time. i like that connection to feeling and the wonder that it brings up. 

digital lines - samsung s4

High Tide

i am free, so long as i think i can be. i often like the tension between creating and living. as if creating allows me to say the things that i am unsure about so that i may live. because, to just live means that i would have to hold so many secrets. but, lately, i have been wondering if this tension doesn't need to be; i wonder if a new kind of freedom could emerge. one where i am all of those things and all of those things are welcome.

pen and ink - colored pencils - sketchbook


i've been resting a lot lately, getting ready. sometimes, especially in times like these, i like to ground myself, calm down, and feel connected. molly said, 'what about a drawing app on your phone'? 'genius', i thought, 'there are those'? and yes, there are those - lots of them. so, with my big man-hand fingers i got to work. and within short order this came to be - and, somehow, it seemed to capture exactly how i was feeling. i love art for that. so much.

digital lines - samsung s4

Just Like It Says

sometimes i feel so hungry that i am not exactly sure what all or who all i am eating for. it is like i take myself to full and then there is this rush for more: more relief, more weight, more calm to take over me and make things feel better. it is something that i am looking at and working on. so glad, though, that i am vegan in this pursuit of information: not killing animals or harming them.

pencil - sketchbook - colored pencil.

The Hard Choices

i am trying to simplify my life and move on from some of the things that have captured me that are now out of date and ready to be passed on and freed up. i am not totally sure what i am doing, but i am confidant in the parts of me that are asking for this. this better me, this more me, and this healing me.

Is I True

sometimes, when i dig into me i feel like old parts die away so that new parts can emerge. i seem to be in a season of that kind of thing right now. and it is scaring the heck out of me. i have never felt so connected to my inner voice. like a direct line to me 24/7. and i love it; and i don't know. sketchbook - pen and ink.

My New Approach

recently, i've been feeling real pulled to make some changes in my life. so, i decided to listen. and: it's date time at seven hot dates. let's talk about it. all.

Halt Your Mouth | Speed Drawing | Sketchbook

tonight i just wanted to jump in on a drawing. i have been thinking a lot about holding my thoughts inside, holding my dreams inside and if it was worth it. and, if i was holding back my voice, why was i doing it and what was it costing me. the older i get, i believe so much pain is made simply by not voicing that which is most alive in you. ink - papermate and tombow pens - moleskine sketchbook.